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imPRESSion Features
imPRESSion imPRESSion Lite
Drawing features  
  • Control Palette for editing the selected object's properties.
  • Special objects: star, bubble star, regular polygons, spiral, etc. You can edit these objects at any time with the control palette or with the shape tool. For instance, you can round the corners of a triangle.
  • More than 150 gradient shapes. The color variations in gradients can be controlled with functions.
  • Extended alignment possibilities between objects, alignment to a text baseline.
  • Alignment of objects to a path. Distribution of objects along a path.
  • Object properties: printable, visible, locked, named.
  • Graphic libraries.
  • Object Selector: you can create complex selecting criteria with the object selector roll-up.
  • You can select objects with a specified name, type, outline, fill or applied transformations.
  • You can create "guidelines" from an object if you select the "snap to path" property.
  • Special effects: spiral, spherize, ripple and so on. If you applied an effect to an object, you will be able to modify the effect's parameters.
  • Extrude and lathing effects.
  • Simple bitmap filters: levels, curves, contrast-brightness. The bitmaps are linked to the document. You can specify the preview size and color depth for each imported bitmap. The filters are applied to the original bitmaps only when they are printed.
  • Cropping a bitmap in any shape. You can modify the cropping shape with the shape tools.
  • Shape Manager for applying a shape to an object or text frame.
 DTP features  
  • Master Pages.
  • Automatic page numbering.
  • Automatic page number for next/previous frame.
  • Font and paragraph styles. Bullets, drop caps, widow and orphan controls.
  • The text frames can have any shape. You can modify them with the shape tool.
  • Text wrap around any object.
  • Different text wrap methods.
  • Vertical alignment of text in the text frame, column balance.
  • Character filters at text import.
  • Autoflow text.
  • Find/Change for paragraph text. Text filters.
  • Rotate, scale and shift characters in paragraph text. Styles for these attributes.
  • Outlines and fills for characters in paragraph text.
You can customize the shortcuts, the actions for the mouse buttons and you can record presets for almost every operation that you can perform in imPRESSion Lite.

Version 1.01 has new import filters for placeable EPS and interpreted PS files. It also has some improvements for more comprehensive guideline management and the reported bugs have been fixed.

If you whish to see screen captures, click
here. To learn more about the differences between imPRESSion and imPRESSion Lite click here.

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